Maquipucuna Cloud Forest Reserve & Ecolodge

Join us in our efforts to harness the power of markets to facilitate sustainable development and conservation in the Chocó Andean Corridor

Maquipucuna is the closest pristine rainforest to Quito. Perfect for a day trip, although we assure you that you will want to stay longer.

Only 45 minutes away from Quito, the first stop at the Maquipucuna Reserve welcomes you with a crazy profusion of birds and orchids. The biodiversity at Maquipucuna rivals that of the Amazon. The altitudinal range of Maquipucuna stretching from 900 meters to almost 2700 meters above sea level further enhances the possibility of encountering an unimaginable diversity of wildlife. The Maquipucuna lodge, which enjoys warm weather year round, sits only 2 hours away from Quito, is easily accessible by car, although we also offer transportation for our visitors.

Maquipucuna harbors over 4% of the world bird diversity, including spectacular birds such as the Toucan Barbet, Cock -of-the Rock, Plate-billed mountain toucan, Lanceolated Monklet, Esmeraldas antbird, Read headed barbet, Golden headed quetzal.

Maquipucuna is also the only Reserve where, during the fruiting season of a small avocado type plant, one can see Spectacled Bears! Not only is our wildlife amazing. Maquipucuna is also history.

Maquipucuna is part of Cachillacta (salt town in Quichua) and it addition to the salt sources, you can find many of the Yumbo paths that our ancestors used to trade salt and cotton among other products. Taking a plunge in our waterfalls and swimming holes is exhilarating.

Our visitors can also experience the only shade-grown coffee tour in Ecuador.

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With Maquipucuna you will experience authentic ecotourism at the Maquipucuna Reserve and the rest of Ecuador, if you chose us to help you organize your vacation in Ecuador.  Also, we are specialists in customizing tours “behind the scenes” to the most prominent sustainable development projects in Ecuador.

Our  Maquipucuna Sustainable Tour operator offers nature based tours to key conservation areas along the Chocó Andean corridor, featuring extensions to Galapagos, Indian markets, Amazon and a tour “behind the Scenes of sustainable development projects” throughout Ecuador.  We have working alliances with only the best Galapagos yachts and adventure tour operators in Ecuador and offer only the top bird and naturalist guides available in Ecuador.

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